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This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Here’s the song reference.

Tonight’s post will be short of necessity; it’s late, and I’m very tired.  That said, we had a wonderful day with the tribe.  We made butternut squash bisque and pumpkin pie from scratch, roasted a pork loin in cider and cumin, mashed potatoes the old-fashioned way, and enjoyed a visit from Grandma before costumes were donned and candy was cadged.  One of Bugaboo’s friends joined us for trick-or-treating, and Grandma graciously volunteered for treat-giving detail so we could take all four of them out to see the costumes and fill their plastic pumpkins with sweets.

I am well and respectfully aware of the objections to Halloween festivities.  To our kids, it’s a grand dress-up party and an opportunity to give candy and toys to all their friends in the neighborhood (we give out goody bags with a couple of small sweets and a couple of small toys — this year, we also gave out lightstick bracelets, to the grand delight of kids of all ages) and collect a few of their own.  When they are older, we will teach them about the sort of idolatry that one characterized the day, and why we don’t do evil character costumes.

Enjoy the pictures — and if you partook of the festivities, I hope all of your candy was the kind you like best.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for the time spent with family, for the joyful work of our hands that created meals to share and assembled bags of sweets and toys for the neighborhood children.  Please help us cultivate innocent imaginations in our tribe, the kinds that lead to heroic dreams, and bless them with friends who dance when they sing and weep when they grieve.