Fear and hope and love

No song reference here.

I read a blog post from Robyn over at Scary Mommy last night about her son’s near-lethal encounter with a cookie that contained a trace amount of nuts.  If you encounter children who have food allergies, I encourage – no, exhort – you to read this post and share it in either digital or hard copy form with everyone you know.

The time I almost killed my child

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You have granted us four little blessings who can, and will, eat anything that doesn’t eat them first.  Thank You for that great gift, and thank You for the mothers like Robyn who you have blessed otherwise.  Please help me teach Your blessings to appreciate how tremendous the gift of unrestricted eating is, and help me to set an example of compassion and understanding towards parents and children who must be ever-vigilant about their children’s diets.  Thank You for Robyn and her husband’s watchfulness and quick action, for the education and medical professionals who loved them and Rory, and for Rory himself, who is so clearly beloved by his family and by You.  Please protect Your little child from the “bad cookies,” and grant his parents Your comfort and peace.

2 thoughts on “Fear and hope and love

  1. Thank you for sharing this important information. Some people do not take food allergies seriously. Although my daughter does not have an anaphylaxis reaction to her food allergies it’s not out of the question. Her reaction is topical, who wants to be covered in a dry itchy rash?

    • You’re very welcome. This comes down, for those of us who have non-allergic kids, to a simple matter of doing our due diligence in loving our neighbors. Is it sometimes inconvenient to accommodate kids with food sensitivities. Mildly. Is it worth someone’s life for me to selfishly refuse to accommodate them? Oh, heck, no. Love is wishing the whole and entire good of another, not getting my britches in a bunch because I have to take thirty seconds to read a label. The Corinthians verse is instructive, here 😉 Peace be with you -Kelly

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