Let her sing

Here’s the song reference.

We said goodbye to Bo last Tuesday.  This is what I posted on Facebook to inform our friends and family that the population of our household had decreased by one beautiful, canine soul:

“We humans are all sad, but at peace.  Smudgie is sad and confused.  Dots insisted on accompanying Bo for his last ride, even after a very direct explanation of what would take place at the vet’s office.  She was a trooper, and refused to leave even when offered the opportunity at the last minute.
For his part, Bo was ready to go.  He complained about the scale, but once in the exam room, he quietly laid down on the big, soft blanket our wonderful vet had set out for him and put his weary old head on my knee.  He left peacefully.  We sang “Taps” to him as he departed.
Every life matters.  Bo saved mine once.  No family could ask for a better friend, playmate, and guardian.
I love you, Bo.  You’ve gone where the good dogs go.  And you’ll always be “Mama’s darlin’ baby boy.”  And the house is too quiet without your snore.  Smudgie is sticking close to your small people and your big people.  You rest.  We’ll be okay.”

Here’s a video of our sweet guardian in better days, if you’re in need  of a laugh.

bo and beanie 2008

Yesterday morning, Beanie decided she wanted to accompany me to early Mass.  This necessitated her rising and shining at 6:30 a.m., in order to allow sufficient time for dressing, grooming, and eating.  To my great delight, she stumbled into the kitchen fully dressed at about 6:45, ate a piece of chocolate cake, then read quietly until it was time to leave about half an hour later.

Manie and I have often referred to Beanie as a “fidget widget.”  She has enormous difficulty sitting quietly and still for extended periods of time, mostly because she is so fascinated by the world around her that she wants to explore and discuss everything.  This poses a certain challenge at Mass.  The Lord, in His wisdom, also blessed her with a great love of reading, so my usual strategy for a successful Mass is twofold, to wit:  one, I go to the early Mass, which is a contemplative Mass with no music (which means it is also of shorter duration) and two, I carry a couple of religiously-themed books in my purse when she goes with me.

One of yesterday’s selections was a little board book with extended lyrics to the well-known tune, “Jesus Loves Me.” I highly recommend this and its companion volumes as baby shower gifts, by the way.  About halfway through the homily, Beanie contracted a case of the wiggles, so I wordlessly handed her the two small volumes I had secreted in my bag, then snuggled her closer to me.  She read the first book silently; then, as the homily ended, she opened the book with the song lyrics.

After a pause for intercessory prayers, which Beanie loves, she settled back in with her book during the presentation of the gifts.  As I mentioned, the early Mass has no music of its own, so the sanctuary was silent except for the occasional rustle of a hand in a purse or pocket rummaging for an offertory envelope.  Before long, people sitting near us, including the elderly lady in front of us who has great difficulty walking, could hear the sweet strains of Beanie quietly warbling her song.

By my logic, as long as she’s quiet and it’s a song that’s appropriate to church (unlike the time Bugaboo burst out with the last verse of “Lola” during the consecration), I’d rather let her sing, sotto voce, than argue with Beanie during Mass.  The family next to us favored her with indulgent smiles, and when the time came to exchange the sign of peace, Beanie was quite the popular little girl.  In fact, the lady in front of us stood, leaned heavily on her cane, seized my hand, and whispered, “Thank you so much for not making her stop.”

July 2013 031

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for little blessings with loving hearts, who yearn to do the difficult works of mercy, then sing praises of Your love.  Please help me remember that You called us to bring the little children to You, hindering them not, and keep it in my mind that they are born loving unconditionally.  It is we who teach them to put prices and conditions of various kinds on love, Lord, and this is our great sin against You.  Grant us wide open hearts, that we may sing of Your love in our thoughts, words, and deeds, and thus lead all souls to rest in You instead of chasing vainly after the things the ignorant hold valuable.

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