I’m gonna reach out and grab ya

Here’s the song reference.

Today was a catching up on housework sort of day, which meant that, other than meals and a quick run to the grocery store, all of the tiny people had the day to do more or less as they pleased.  I could have drafted them into service, but, honestly, I wasn’t all that delighted with the thought of tripping over them as I carried laundry upstairs and down, and, as their laundry folding skills still need a lot of work, the thought of having them help me fold ten loads of the stuff was unappealing as well.

The girls and I did manage to rummage through a box of craft supplies before the boys arose, and Bugaboo and Beanie then passed a pleasant hour making beaded bracelets. They each cheerfully bestowed one upon me, and I wore them throughout the day, to their very great delight.  More lovely than the colorful beads, though, was Beanie’s proclamation as she stretched the elasticized cord over my wrist, “Mommy, now you have something beautiful just like you!”

april 2013 002

I love my job.

Later in the day, as I was making sauce and meatballs for a pasta-and-meatballs dinner, Baby Guy meandered into the kitchen.  His vocabulary has exploded over the past couple of months.  His favorite word is “really,”  which he utters in an appropriately plaintive tone whenever one of his siblings does something that runs contrary to his wee toddler desires.

His favorite phrase, however, has been the subject of much merriment at our house.  You see, Baby Guy is WILDLY ticklish on nearly every part of his chubby little anatomy.  This works out well, as he is a ridiculously happy little fellow, who loves to laugh.  When he is bored or a bit blue, he will wander up to the nearest person and inquire, with a hopeful smile, “tickle tickle tickle?”

When our youngest tramped into the kitchen, I was rather busily trying to convince some exuberantly simmering sauce to remain in its pot while trimming the stems off several bunches of broccoli.  Generally, adding a curious toddler to any situation that involves boiling liquids and sharp knives is a recipe for disaster.  We are most blessed in that Baby Guy’s preferred method of observation, when it comes to culinary activities, is the stand up on one of the kitchen chairs and peer over the back.  This is likely because he’s been around a couple of times when some hot oil has become overly excited, causing Mommy just jump around holding a wet paper towel to her face and saying words that cause his sisters and brother to get into a great deal of trouble when they repeat them later.  The boy is wise beyond his years.  But I digress.

Having successfully tamed the wild sauce, I turned to play a little peekaboo with Baby Guy over the back of the chair upon which he stood.  With a mischievous little grin, he clambered down from the chair, stumped two steps backwards, held his little arms out towards me, and cheerfully asked, “tickle tickle tickle?”

april 2013 004

I wiggled my fingers at him.  He shrieked out a barrage of joyful giggles, retreated two more steps, then took a tentative step back towards me, still smiling broadly.  I wiggled my fingers again, and got the same hilarious result.  We kept it up until he finally backed into the refrigerator and plumped down heavily on his well-padded little bum, whereupon he literally fell over laughing. I nearly did, too.

All the while, Bugaboo, Beanie, and Mr. Man were happily playing with the play food sets Mr. Man received for his birthday.  It’s rare that I have a few moments to play with Baby Guy (or any of them, really) alone.  They’re gifts.

april 2013 009

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You, for little blessings who rejoice in the days You have made, who constantly remind us that joy is a choice that is pleasing to You.  Thank You for the moments when we laugh at the simplest of things, and for Your constant reminders that happiness does not come from any created thing, but from You, the Creator.

Lord, we humbly ask that as you welcome Hope into Heaven today after her hours of life here on earth, that you comfort her parents, Todd and Laura, her brother Nathanael, and all those who wait in joyful hope to meet her at the end of their own days.  Please enfold those who mourn with Your peace, fill them with Your grace, and send Your love to them through the embraces of all those who love them.


2 thoughts on “I’m gonna reach out and grab ya

    • Thank you so much! I am *so* much happier when I can take the time to write these posts at the end of MY day – makes me reflect on my blessings, especially on the days when no kid is listening and everything is a mess!

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