Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich

Here’s the song reference, but it refers more to Beanie herself than to the title of this post.

When I returned home from teaching seventh grade Faith Formation last night, I found Manie, Bugaboo and Beanie hard at work building the gingerbread house that is our annual gift from Grandma, and a surprisingly quiet Mr. Man and Baby Guy.  Mr. Man seems to have finally internalized the knowledge that just because he can get out his bed after tuck-in time doesn’t mean he should, and we’re somewhat hopeful that his older sisters will learn from his example.  I digress.

After the gingerbread house had been decorated to the girls’ satisfaction and they’d had a proper hand (and arm, and face, and at least one leg per small person) washing, we scooted the girls off to bed, as the hour was approaching ten o’clock, which is way past their usual bedtime.  We tucked them in with plenty of hugs and kisses, and remembered to tell them we love them all the way to the end of the galaxy and back.  There have been nights when they’ve been sufficiently obnoxious about getting into their beds that we’ve forgotten to do that, and have looked at each other in horror before nearly breaking down their door in our haste to remedy the situation.  Last night, we told them twice.

Predictably, less than two minutes after we’d turned off their light and closed their bedroom door, both girls came pattering out of their room.  Bugaboo needed to go to the potty again, and Beanie zipped into the kitchen, where Manie and I were debriefing the events of the day.  With all the cheerful mischief her little eyes could hold, she gazed up at us, grinning, and announced, “You forgot to give me hugs and kisses.”

Manie and I both laughed at the silliness and audacity of her statement, and I replied, “Ohhh, Beanie, I don’t think that’s true.  I’m pretty sure we gave you lots of hugs and kisses.”

“Nooooooo, no, you didn’t.”  Had she grinned any more broadly, I believe she would have dislocated her smile.  Bugaboo was singing “Jingle Bells” in the bathroom.  I scooped her from the floor and wrapped her up in a snug hug, smacking noisy kisses on her cheeks and forehead as Manie stepped over to where we stood.  He wrapped his arms around her from the other side, and she got what she terms, “double hugs and double kisses and double all the love in the world,” before we gently lowered her to the ground and ordered her back to bed.  Bugaboo, who had apparently interrupted a conversation with her collection of stuffed penguins to use the potty, had already shufled back to her bed and was loudly explaing to said penguins that Beanie wouldn’t let her get to sleep.

Beanie, for her part, giggled up at us, “Do it AGAIN!”

We did, and as we snuggled her, she chortled out, “I’m a Beanie sammich!”

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your little blessings, and for these simple days when a simple embrace can solve most of their problems, particularly if combined with a piece of chocolate candy.  Please help us teach them that wherever they go, and regardless of the availability of sweets, Your embrace is always there for them, to comfort in the tough days and to celebrate the easy ones.  Kindle in our hearts a desire to speak and act lovingly to all people at all times, especially to Your blessings, and especially when we must offer correction or instruction.


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