Archive | November 29, 2012

Cat’s on the jammies and she lifts the gloom

Here’s the song reference.

Beanie is a devoted fan of Hello Kitty.  She’s been in a bit of a funk lately, and while part of the reason for it is completely beyond our control, it hasn’t stopped Manie and I from making a concerted effort to jolly her out of it.

When I opened my pajama drawer on Tuesday night, my Hello Kitty pajamas (a gift from Beanie via the good offices of Grandpa) stared sweetly up at me.  I grinned, and decided to put them on so when Beanie shambled into the kitchen Wednesday morning, the first thing that would meet her bleary eyes would be Hello Kitty.  That, I thought, would at least start her morning on a high note.

Sure enough, she stumbled into the kitchen and flumped against me for hugs and kisses, then leaned back and surveyed my attire.  A tiny smile twinkled around her little mouth as she carefully beeped the nose of each little kitty face.

“You’re wearing Hello Kitty.  She’s happy to be snuggling you.”

“She looks that way, doesn’t she?  I thought maybe seeing Hello Kitty first thing in the morning might make your morning a happier place.”

“It does.  I love Hello Kitty.  She’s nice to everybody.  You’re a nice Mommy.”

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for little blessings who see and rejoice in small acts of kindness.  Help me remember that a moment of kindness can soften a heart and make a person, old or young, more ready to welcome You.  As we enter the season of Advent, please bless us with the grace to recognize the needs of little hearts and souls that are far more important than their wish lists of toys.  Help me listen for and understand the many ways in which Your blessings tell me of their need for comforting.