Archive | November 28, 2012

In the morning when we rise

Here’s the song reference.

The girls are generally up before the boys in the morning, which works out well from a homeschooling perspective.  By the time Mr. Man and Baby Guy rise from slumber, Bugaboo and Beanie have eaten breakfast, dressed, performed their morning ablutions, and are back in the kitchen working on whatever seatwork is in the lesson plans for the day.  I usually read to them while the girls work and the boys eat.

Yesterday, Mr. Man managed to unearth one of his favorite books, which had been missing for some time and which I had frankly despaired of finding.  I’m not sure where he had it cached, but it’s not the first time he’s managed to stash something in a place known only to him.  The volume in question is The Cheerios Counting Book.

Mr. Man was quite the Cheerios enthusiast when he was first eating solid food, as were his brother and his sisters.  Their love for actually eating the cereal has waned as the months and years have passed, but the sight of the bright yellow boxes on a grocery store shelf still makes all of them smile and clap.  Yesterday, as it happened, I had not a single Cheerio in the house when Mr. Man arrived in the kitchen, trailing his book and looking for breakfast.

“Mama, you read Cheewio book now, pwease?”

“Let’s get you and Baby Guy some breakfast first.”  The littlest guy was already banging the tray in his booster and becoming increasingly impatient with the non-appearance of a waffle or banana.  “I have waffles for both of you, and we have a couple of bananas left, too.”

“No, I can’t want waffle today.  I wanna yogut.”

Beanie smiled at her little brother over the rim of the cup of yogurt she was savoring while she did her math assignment.  “I’m not sharing my yogurt with Mr. Man.  I don’t want brother germs in my food.”

“Beanie, you don’t have to share your yogurt, but that was an unkind thing to say.  Okay, Mr. Man, yogurt you shall have.  Climb up in a chair while I cut up Baby Guy’s waffle for him.”

“I wanna waffle wif my yogut.”

“What’s the magic word?”


“Okay then, coming right up.”

I took a moment, once both boys were settled in with their breakfasts, to savor the sight of our kitchen in the morning, with four little blessings seated around a kitchen table that once seemed large, learning their lessons from books, from us, and from each other.  It may not be peaceful, or even quiet, or laden with fabulous goods and awe-inspiring travel, but I would not trade a morning in our kitchen for the world.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for another morning where all of us awoke from our slumbers and were blessed with sound bodies and minds.  Thank You for the kitchen table around which we all gather daily, and for the food we have to share upon it.  We begin each of our days by praising You, Lord, and asking You to guide us through whatever Your new day has in store for us.  Please remind us to greet each sunrise with joy and to praise Your goodness by taking the time to savor each moment You give us, and to pray constantly for those whose downcast eyes do not see the glory of Your dawn.