Archive | November 21, 2012

They are the dancing queens

Here’s the song reference.

After the great grocery caper yesterday morning, we passed most of the day either reading stories together or with the kids catching a little extra TV time while I caught up on phone calls, bills, and organizing the kitchen for a pumpkin pie baking marathon with my husband.  Once we had nestled the boys snugly into their beds, Manie and I gently advised the girls that for the next half hour or so, they needed to pick up the disaster area they call a room while he and I ate dinner and talked over some of the news of the day, and that if they finished, they could play quietly until we came to join them.

It actually worked reasonably well.  We had one minor interruption to our dinner conversation when Beanie sashayed into the kitchen to announced that she and Bugaboo had been practicing their dances and were ready to show them to us.  Both of us grinned, and sent her back to her room to play with a promise that as soon as the last bite of sausage and peppers had been consumed, we would be in to marvel at their artistry.

Once we had talked through all the things that absolutely could not wait, we stacked the dishes in the sink for later washing and trooped down the hall to fulfill the much more entertaining duty of serving as the audience for the world’s smallest dance troupe.  The girls, clad in the most billow-skirted nightgowns they could scrounge from their dresses, were waiting and whispering, and their faces glowed with happiness when we arranged ourselves on their bedroom floor to observe their performance without impeding their movement.

Beanie chirruped, “Okay, are you ready for your dances now?”

“You betcha.  We were so excited we hurried through dinner so we wouldn’t miss a minute.”

That was all the invitation and encouragement Beanie and Bugaboo needed.  For the next fifteen minutes, our little sylphs capered and pirouetted, leaped and swayed around their room, sometimes pausing momentarily to meet my gaze or Manie’s and exchange smiles, or to bow for around of applause.  Beanie danced a circle of jumps and spins around Bugaboo, and Bugaboo tried not to trip her as she spun in the middle of Beanie’s circular route.  They were so gloriously gleeful that we let them go on for several minutes past their bedtime, as we basked in their radiant happiness and they soaked up the joy they brought us at day’s end.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for little blessings who greet nearly all of the days You grant us with singing and dancing.  Please help us all remember that even on days that groan under the weight of earthly cares, we can rejoice in Your steadfast love for us, and grow in us the faith that while there may be moments we spend mourning and weeping, You promise us an eternity of joy by Your side if we follow You.  Remind me, when a day seems impossible full of cares and tasks, to take the moment to sing and dance in thanksgiving for Your boundless blessings.