Archive | November 20, 2012

Push it

Here’s the song reference.

This is a rare intermediate post, but we had an adventure in grocery shopping that I thought I would share on the blog as well as with Facebook.

Should you be in need of a practical method of strength training, I humbly offer the following:  Secure four children, weighing a total of at least 130 pounds, into a bench-seat cart at Wegmans, then proceed to push said cart (which itself weight about 40 pounds, I’d guess) up and down every aisle of the store while adding groceries thereto, until another 100 pounds or so has been added.  I should point out that these carts corner poorly, necessitating the actual lifting of the back end of the cart (which holds the aforementioned midget mob) to facilitate a pivot on a single front wheel of the conveyance.  Proceed through a checkout line with the now-laden cart, unload it with one hand while intervening in several fisticuff incidents, then push it a couple hundred yards across a parking lot and unload again.  Remember to put the children in the car.

I guarantee you will discover muscles in your back, legs, and shoulders of which you had been previously unaware.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for blessing me with a strong body.  Please keep me mindful that I should include taking proper care of that body as part of my thanks to You for it, and that I must teach Your blessings to do likewise.

But, oh, how we could harmonize

Here’s the song reference.

A few days ago, I posted something of a lament about the apparent end of lullaby time at our house.

Last night, we gathered the tribe in the living room for a bedtime story, evening prayers, and an attempt to sing our night-time songs again.  Given the amount of wiggling and wrestling that went on among the tiny people as we tried to get them to focus on their prayers and remember to thank the Lord for all His blessings, neither my husband nor I were terribly optimistic about our odds of managing to quiet everyone with lullabies.

As I sang the first notes of “Irish Lullaby,” I heard Beanie’s voice, and glanced over, somewhat sadly, expecting her to begin the usual chatter about not being tired, wanting a(nother) snack, and the preferability of playthings over quiet moments of music.  She beamingly returned my look and sang the first “Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra” back to me!  When my smile answered Beanie’s, Bugaboo decided to join in, too, and so we sang together, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in call-and-echo, all the songs with which we have greeted the night since Bugaboo was born.  Toys were left in the toy box, hands remained with their owners, and broad grins adorned all six of our faces.  Even Bo and Smudgie looked pleased with the turn of events.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for softening the hearts of Your blessings towards the time we spend together as a family before bedtime.  Thank You for granting them the wisdom to see that those few moments of quiet have value, and that brightly colored plastic and metal can’t love them back. Thank you for the simple joy of our voices rising in song.  Please kindle in our hearts a desire to use the voices with which You have blessed us to sing joyfully our faith in, and praise for, You and all the wonders You have created.