Archive | November 15, 2012

The heart of the matter

Here’s the song reference.

The son of someone I’ve known for a very long time underwent his twelfth brain surgery in his nine months of life yesterday.  I can’t imagine the anxiety level in their house about now; the little guy was born a couple of months early, and has been struggling for his life ever since.  Please, if you can, spare a prayer for Dylan.  I asked the tribe to do likewise yesterday, and the girls were only to happy to ask God to send another miracle for a baby they only know through photos on Facebook.  They also made little construction paper angels for him.

All Bugaboo and Beanie know about Dylan is that he is the child of an old friend of mine, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters to them is that he’s a baby who is sick and needs prayer.  They don’t know anything about the structure of the household in which he lives, and they don’t know that household is composed of two women, one of whom I lived with in a relationship for eleven years, and a baby.  What they do know is that God works miracles to heal bodies, hearts, and souls.  They understand that no matter what our points of disagreement or disapproval, love means we pray for one another.  As we learned yesterday, Christ can heal any sort of brokenness man can imagine.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for little blessings who are healthy enough to wear me to a happy exhaustion at the end of a day, and who understand that You have blessed some people differently.  You are the Almighty Healer of bodies and souls, Lord, and You heal and forgive indiscriminately all those who approach You with humble and contrite hearts.  Help me teach Your blessings that all of us sin, that no one person’s sin is so great that Your loving arms do not yearn for the return of Your lost sheep, and that we, in love, are to pray for all of Your children who have need of our prayers.  Every life is precious in Your sight, and we would teach Your blessings to always see Your face in every person.  And, Lord, please send a miracle for Baby Dylan, as You have sent so many to me.  There are many who need to see Your face in his.