Archive | November 13, 2012

In the early morning rain

Here’s the song reference.

November re-emerged last night; after a yesterday of sunshine and temperatures above 70 degrees, clouds, rain, and chilly air have returned this morning.  The tribe is still sleeping soundly, and the house is quiet.  About half an hour from now, Bugaboo will caper down the hallway, full of enthusiasm and talking a mile a minute, so I’m downing my second cup of coffee as I type in the hope that I’ll have enough energy to handle hers with a smile.

In the meantime, there’s a loaf of crock bread in the oven.  I baked regular bread last night to go with the pumpkin soup we’re having for lunch today, but after all the chatter I heard last night among the tiny people about their hopes for another short-sleeves day, something to mitigate the inevitable disappointment seemed to be in order.  A favorite breakfast around here is a loaf of very airy bread, baked in a ceramic crock, and a table crowded with butter and a dozen jars of jam and other spreads, with steaming mugs of hot cocoa on the side.

Rainy days will come.  We can choose to curse the rain, or we can find the joy in knowing that rain, too, is necessary to life, and give thanks for electric light and a stout roof over our heads.  As for me, my morning is lightened by the anticipation of the smiles on four tiny faces when they see the big white crock on the table, surrounded by an honor guard of jars.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for the rain that renews the waters of the earth, and washes the autumn pollen off the van.  Kindle in our hearts a joyful welcome for mud, and worms, and the smell of wet leaves, for these, too, are parts of Your Creation.  Help us teach Your blessings that no matter how stormy the skies may seem, You are with us always, comforting us on those days when Heaven itself seems to weep.  Please grant us the wisdom to accept Your comfort with happy hearts, and to remain watchful for those whom You send to us for that same comfort.