Archive | November 2, 2012

Turkey in the hall

Here’s the song reference.

Every November, we have a tradition of drawing a big picture of a turkey and adding construction paper feathers to it throughout the month.  We inscribe each feather with something for which we wish to give thanks to God.  The kids love it; when Bugaboo burbled out of her bed this morning, she accosted me in the kitchen, demanding, “Mommy, where’s our turkey?  It’s November, and we still have Halloween stuff on the closet door (the turkey lives on the door of our hall closet).

Since Manie decided to take off work for the latter half of this week, he was home to help supervise lessons and toddlers while I worked on the turkey.  The giant avian is my major creative endeavor for the  year. For the record, I failed exactly one class in my entire academic career.  That class was art, as it happens.

At any rate, we had an uncharacteristically mellow morning at our house; the girls worked on their lessons which, by happy coincidence, happened to involve a lot of coloring today, Baby Guy wandered in and out of the kitchen bringing us various objects to admire, and collecting the occasional hug and kiss.  Mr. Man decided that this was not a good coloring morning for him and claimed the most sought-after thing at our house — a room full of toys all to himself.  He camped out in the family room, watching Fireman Sam and “rescuing” stuffed animals that he hurled onto the computer desk and bookshelf.  When his show was over, he pored over a stack of picture books, gleefully calling out the names of things he recognized, including the letters that made up the words and the numbers on the pages.  We checked in on him every ten minutes or so, and tried to persuade and/or bribe him to come join us upstairs, but he was having too much fun being able to do whatever he wanted in peace.  He didn’t come upstairs until lunchtime!

In the meantime, Manie had found a Dover coloring book, “Famous Lovers From Literature,” and decided to model proper coloring and crayon-sharing techniques with Bugaboo and Beanie.  Beanie actually colored all her pictures without having a meltdown over her crayons this morning, and Bugaboo was completely agog at Daddy’s ability to stay completely within little tiny lines.  I love the days when he’s around to add his own gentle instruction to the girls’ lessons, especially where art is concerned.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for the quiet, gentle mornings we spend together, for the stout roof and walls that protect us from the cold, wind, and rain.  Thank You for the infinite number of colors with which You graced Your creation, and for eyes to see and marvel at every subtle hue.  Help us kindle a love for every shade on the spectrum in Your blessings, and please help us teach them that every color has its own special loveliness.  And Lord, please help us remember that while it is not good for man to be alone, even You sought out solitude.  We thank You for building such a family as this for us, and ask for the grace and wisdom to shepherd it as You would.