I read this lovely lady’s blog regularly. What she’s talking about in this post is the concept of stewardship, something I’m trying very hard to teach the tribe. We should look to the dire needs of our neighbors when counting our own blessings, and share those blessings accordingly, without regard for what “someone else” may or may not be doing. It is an individual, personal responsbility to love our neighbors. That doesn’t mean “if it feels good, do it;” it means, “You are hungry. Here is a fish, and here is a pole. Please, let me show you how to catch more,” without looking to see whether the person looks like or agrees with me. Peace be with you, my friends


When I was ten I received a surprise birthday present from my aunt and uncle.  It was a brand new crisp twenty dollar bill.  I had seen one before, but had never actually held one in my hand.  And I had certainly never been the proud possessor of such a thing.  I was awestruck when I opened their Birthday Card and saw the bill inside.

Of course, this was many years ago.  Twenty dollars would buy two hundred comic books, instead of being a minor deposit on a pair of gym shoes or designer jeans.  I offer you that information just to put the gift into perspective.

Well we had a festive little Birthday Party, Grandma providing the catering, the finale being my favorite birthday (or any other occasion) cake, a three layer sponge cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries spread between the layers and topped with more whipped…

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Please share your thoughts! I don't know who reads this, but the stats tell me someone does. I'd like to know what you took from our little stories and prayers.

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