Enjoy the silence

Here’s the song reference.

After a day full of chaos involving four tiny people, a lot of yard work, not nearly enough laundry, three home-cooked meals, one emergency birthday cake delivery, several heated arguments, almost no football, and probably too much watching of and listening to news, my husband and I are curled up on the couch, dipping Oreos in chocolate milk and listening to “When the Levee Breaks.”

One of the lessons we’re trying to teach the bairn brigade is that when you know a storm is coming, you watch for the opportunity for quiet the Lord will send before it hits.  Tonight is that quiet, and we will spend it reading and listening to some of our favorite music, after passing the earlier part of the evening reading the children’s favorite books to them.  This is our moment of peace, and it is a treasure.

Several people chimed in after yesterday’s post with a few things I neglected to mention, and I forgot a big one myself.  Here are the odds and ends:

– Avoid irony, buy a good fire extinguisher.
– If emergency management officials tell you to stay off the roads, please listen to them.
– Spend a little time making sure you know what your local radio stations are, and that you can tune to them on your radio.
– After a storm, some communities open their libraries as emergency shelters.  Check with your local library.
– Pack a “bug-out bag” just in case you have to evacuate.  Make sure you have one for each member of your family, including each pet.
– Remember that electric chain saws don’t work without electricity.  Apparently, there are such things as electric chain saws.
– Keep a pair of sturdy shoes on of near each member of your family at all times, along with heavyweight pants, shirts, and outerwear.
– Know the most direct route to the nearest fire station or hospital, along with at least one alternate route.  Do not use these routes during the storm unless there is no way for you to communicate and you will otherwise die without immediate medical attention.
– Pray for wisdom and grace, and not just for yourself.
– If you’re completely ready, call a local organization serving people who are homeless, elderly, or have disabilities, and see if anyone near you could use some help.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, Your disciples cried out to You in fear in the midst of a storm; You calmed the storm and comforted them.  Help us teach Your blessings that there is no storm, no crisis, through which You cannot guide us.  Please make our house a peaceful refuge for Your blessings and for any friends or family who seek shelter here, and let us never confuse the words “peaceful” and “quiet.”  Please place Your protective arm around all the first responders and utility crews who will most certainly find every kind of strength taxed over the next few days, and grant them the company of many people who believe in the love for neighbor You taught us.


Please share your thoughts! I don't know who reads this, but the stats tell me someone does. I'd like to know what you took from our little stories and prayers.

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