The marvelous toy

Here’s the song reference.

For Beanie’s first Christmas, back in the brave year 2008, we gave her this odd little toy made by Playskool.  Since Beanie was not yet sitting independently well enough to play with it much, Bugaboo appropriated it for a couple of months; Beanie reclaimed it around Valentine’s day.  It’s something of a strange contraption; a tiny hand pushes on the ladybug, which starts both music and a small blower fan located inside the toy, which causes a ball to roll around in the center and causes any of the accompanying little toys to move.  The alligator clacks its teeth, the palm tree spins its crown, and the hippo, before Smudgie ate it, spun its ears.  It was Beanie’s absolute favorite plaything until she was about two years old; Mr. Man also fell in love with it for about six months, before he discovered MegaBloks.

Since we had a houseful of sick kids yesterday, I was looking for some quiet diversions, and thus dusted off what we have all come to call “the marvelous toy,” since Baby Guy is now of an age to appreciate it.  After a brief kerfuffle caused by an ownership dispute, I managed to convince Beanie that even though yet another baby is playing with her toy, once he’s outgrown it, I will take the batteries back out and put it in her keepsakes box so she will have it for her own babies to enjoy, and the fun began.  Mr. Man and Beanie teamed up to show Baby Guy all the fun things he could do with it, then Beanie retired to the couch with Bugaboo.  Each girl kept up a running commentary as the boys giggled, pointed, and experimented.  Beanie gave the play-by-play of what her little brothers were doing with the toy, while Bugaboo spun tales of what the monkey might do if he were ever able to escape from the confines of his palm tree.

Eventually, the three older kids decided it would be more fun to play outside (I am a firm believer that sending any child who is not too sick to walk outside play, if the weather is fair and warm — there’s an adage about sunshine being the best disinfectant for a reason, after all), leaving Baby Guy alone with his new object of fascination.  Towards the end of his attention span, I managed to get a short video (less than 1 minute) of a tiny guy having fun with something novel — and, of course, Smudgie’s ever-fascinating chew rope.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You have blessed our house with all manner of things that delight Your blessings, from books of Your love letters to us,to music, to abundant food and drink, to gaily colored playthings.  Thank You for Your bounty, and for the unfettered laughter of tiny people, even when they are ill.  Help me teach Your blessings that to share their favorite material things with their siblings, friends, and strangers may cause plaything to wear out, but will store them up a greater treasure in Heaven.  Please help me remember that myself, when I am tempted to store away too many things that I think, at the moment, are precious, but are desperately needed by another.


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