Vomit comet

I fully intended to restart regular postings today; unfortunately, Beanie has come down with some sort of tummy bug, hopefully not of the same variety that put Deedaw in the hospital last week.  As the lovely author of Dear Friends put it yesterday, our family is my priority, and as many tales as I have to share, tending a sick preschooler (and keeping the bug from spreading to her three siblings) wins out over a long posting.

I do, however, have some photos to share.  Over the weekend, Daddy took Bugaboo and Beanie to visit family in Pittsburgh on the occasion of his uncle’s 70th birthday.  While there, they met their beautiful cousin Gabriel, whose mother was told to abort him, and their Great-Grandma, for whom Beanie is named.  Every life is precious, every life has beauty, and every life is of equal value in the eyes of Almighty God, no matter how great or small the units of time in which it can be measured.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You commanded us that the person who would be the greatest among us must be a servant of the least.  Help me teach Your blessings that there is a larger joy in striving to be the greatest in Your eyes than in the eyes of the world. Thank You for opening their eyes to the beauty of lives that are fragile and must be handled with extreme care; please grant me the wisdom to constantly teach them that such lives are not burdens, but blessings, as they teach us the joy we can find, and bring, by caring enough to cherish every moment of every life.  As I tend to a vomiting little blessing, please help me set an example of the genuinely happy heart with which You bless us when we humble ourselves to undertake the menial, and sometimes yucky, tasks of care.


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