Archive | May 30, 2012

Consider the lilies of the field

Here’s the song reference.

Beanie loves to bring me flowers, and I’ve written more than once about the bouquets of clover flowers and dandelions which she regularly bestows upon me.  It is with some difficulty that I’ve managed to convince her that she should not pick the tiger lilies whose orange roars grace our front walk; beautiful as they are, I’m horribly allergic to them, so they are relegated to showing off their beauty outside.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the morning on the telephone, finding a park where we could have Beanie’s birthday festivities, checking in on Grandma and Deedaw, and updating Daddy on news from around the family.  The tribe spent Mommy’s phone time running around the backyard and playing with the big box of MegaBloks I retrieved from its storage spot downstairs.  The delightful thing about MegaBloks is that even Baby Guy can play with them, so we had a squadron of miniature engineers squabbling over who needed which blocks.  We recently decided that, for at least an hour every day, something like the blocks or the Thomas gear needs to be spilled all over the livingroom, so that the tribe can practice playing together and sharing properly. It’s much more fun to do it with actual toys than with role playing.

The boys’ nap was over at an unusually early hour yesterday, so we decided that some sort of brief outing was in order, although I had planned to save gas by not going anywhere.  After a short discussion with the tribe, we resolved to go purchase a bag of M&Ms forasnack, since we all thought it was a good day for chocolate, the day was hot, and M&M’s don’t melt in your hands and make lots of gooey chocolate stains for Mommy to clean off the furniture.  When we returned from our sweet errand, Beanie and Mr. Man both headed straight for the tiger lily patches and had to be reminded that we do not pick those, because they are outdoor flowers.  Both were a little downcast, but the promise of chocolate ot come redirected both of them into the house, up the stairs, and on their chairs at the kitchen table.

Once the candy had been eaten, Bugaboo, Beanie, and Mr. Man pounded back down the stairs to go play in the back yard.  Bugaboo doesn’t tolerate heat very well, and she wandered back in about 20 minutes later to see if Baby Guy would play blocks with her.  Mr. Man was cheerfully transporting dirt from one spot in the yard to another with a purple plastic shovel, and Beanie was swinging on her tummy, as she is wont to do when swinging in a more conventional pose would put the sun in her eyes.  I started peeling kohlrabi for dinner.

Last year, for Mother’s Day, Daddy gave me one of my favorite flowers — a purple calla lily.  Once it had finished blooming, we found a suitable spot in the back yard to plant it, so we would be able to enjoy it for years to come.  As it happens, we awoke Sunday morning to a flourish of purple near the birdbath, and my Monday and Tuesday mornings began with a little frisson of joy as I spotted the little flower while letting the dogs out.

As I was slicing the kohlrabi, I heard Beanie’s little singsong voice ascending the stairs. “Mommy, I have a flower for yoooouuuuuuu!”

She continued as she handed it to me, “I found the prettiest flower in the whole wide world and I picked it just for you!”

I gave her a hug and a kiss, and thanked her for wanting to give me the prettiest flower in the whole wide world.  Beanie then reminded me that I should put it in some water, so, finding a Turkish coffee glass, I asked her if it was pretty enough for the prettiest flower in the world.  She deemed it appropriate, grinned broadly, then capered back down the steps to play some more.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You instructed us to consider the lilies of the field, how You provide for all their needs.  Help me teach Your blessings that while we labor, and give thanks to You for the work we have, beauty is a gift freely given by You to us. Thank You for the loveliness of the flowers, and of Your little blessing who finds me worthy of their beauty.