Archive | May 29, 2012

Spring and summer ever after

Here’s the song reference.  Here’s a second reference, brought to you by Bugaboo.

We awoke yesterday to a heat advisory.  I had planned to make a quick run out to the store for milk and eggs, and once Bugaboo, Beanie, and Daddy were moving about the house, headed off on a resupply mission.  What started out as a quick trip to the grocery store morphed into a run to two big-box stores, as the first one’s entire supply of milk was dated for yesterday, and I had realized while driving that we were also low on sunscreen and mosquito repellant.  In the end, I returned home with ten bags, to a very warm welcome from four tiny people and my husband, all of whom were intensely curious as to what the bags might hold.

In addition to the milk, eggs, sunscreen, and bug spray, I’d picked up some chicken for a cookout, a huge net bag of freezer pops, new crocs for Mr. Man . . . oh, and a sprinkler.  We had a most excellent beach ball-shaped sprinkler last summer; unfortunately, Smudgie decided it was a most excellent tackling dummy.  Puppy teeth and vinyl inflatables mix poorly, we’ve discovered, and thus we were sprinklerless for the first genuinely hot day of the year.  As I was unpacking the goods, Daddy advised me that Deedaw was still ailing, and after a short discussion, we decided this would be a “stay day” for us.

Bugaboo was the first to figure out that the mysterious, ropy object with all the bright colors was a sprinkler, and brightly informed us that she was the proud owner of a bathing suit which would be eminently useful in playing with such a thing.  Daddy and I grinned, I cut open the packaging, and we set about attiring Bugaboo, Beanie, and Mr. Man in their swim gear.  Mr. Man was quite upset that he would not be permitted to wear his brand new Spidey sneakers to play in the water (and resultant mud), but, upon peering out the window and spying the fun his sisters were having, consented to wear his new crocs.  Baby Guy and I played in the boys’ room for a while, then headed upstairs to make lunch.

Yes, there is a photo gallery, but the videos are better.  Trust me.  I almost burned the barbecue because I kept watching them from the kitchen window, narrating the goings-on for Baby Guy, who was happily cruising around the kitchen.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing in each other’s company, with no place to go, no pressing obligations, and not really paying attention to the time.  I took several opportunities to explain to the girls what Memorial Day means, and that at every opportunity, they should pray for the families of fallen soldiers, for the children whose mommies or daddies can’t be there to grill chicken or set up sprinklers.  I told them every man and woman who serves in the armed forces takes the risk of not coming home to his or her family, and they do it to protect us.  Soon, we’ll start a summer project of sending cards and letters to wounded veterans.  Being free has a price, and we want our children to understand how important it is to thank those who offer to buy the tickets.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You blessed us with a land in which we may come and go as we please, in which we are free to worship You, in which no man may tell us how many children to have or what we must think.  Thank You for the freedom to live according to Your law.  Help us teach Your blessings the difference between freedom and anarchy, and that the greatest and most lasting freedom comes from obedience to Your law.  You taught us that if we know Your truth, we will be truly free.  Thank You for all those who have died to preserve the freedom to know Your truth for us.