Archive | May 21, 2012

Let the music play

Here’s the song reference.

While we generally visit Nonno and Deedaw at some point on Sunday, my husband and I declared yesterday a “stay day,” since we have not eaten a proper meal in our own house since Wednesday.  The tribe’s schedules are completely off-kilter, Baby Guy hadn’t had a bath since Wednesday, Mr. Man hadn’t had one since Thursday, and we needed a day of rest.

After Mass and some big, fluffy biscuits, it occurred to Daddy that he hadn’t broken out a saxophone in a while, having been occupied with the construction of a new guitar.  My husband is blessed with the ability to pick up almost any instrument and play it reasonably well, even if he’s never seen one before.  The sax is one that he truly loves, and we managed to pick him up a tenor one before the kids were born.  Because it’s pretty loud, he hasn’t had much time to play it lately, but since the tribe was pretty chipper, he figured it might be a good day to try.

Bugaboo and Beanie fled for their room as soon as they saw Daddy emerge from our room with the giant golden instrument, but Baby Guy and Mr. Man decided to stick around for the show.

I may have mentioned in a previous post that Mr. Man is a fan of anything with pushable buttons.  We discovered yesterday that this love of button-pushing overrides his general dislike of things that are very loud (unless, of course, he is the one creating the loudness), as he found the sax fascinating.  Since Daddy is strong and has steady hands, this meant that our elder son got to push buttons, stick his hand in the sax bell, stick his face in the sax bell, and generally satisfy his curiosity about this strange new object that makes such interesting sounds.  We managed to get a little video . . . here is part 1, and here is part 2.  Each video is less than a minute long.

After our resident descendant of Jubal got his horn practice in, we made a quick grocery run, then spent the rest of the day just relaxing.  There is beauty in stillness, in the simple pleasure of each other’s company, in meals shared as a family, in the smile of a puppy who’s just happy to have all his people home.

That’s a happy Smudgie.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for commanding us to observe a day of rest.  In my arrogance, I sometimes forget that I can do nothing without You, and I can certainly not do so much as You, and yet I forget that even You took a day off.  Help me teach Your blessings to give thanks for Your wise commandments, and to keep them with humble hearts.

Lord, thank You for music, for all the instruments You have inspired men to create, that we may fill Your Creation with joyful noisesThroughout Your book of love letters to us, Your people have sung and played instruments of all kinds to honor and praise You.  On days when our hearts are heavy and we are cumbered with what we think are huge burdens of earthly cares, please remind us to seek solace in music and song, and to lift our voices in praise and supplication to You.