Somebody’s daughter is missing. It would be a great kindness if we could set all politics aside and re-blog this post, far and wide, to help bring this young lady safely home. Please pray for Miss Bates and her family. Jueseppi, thank you for posting the article.

The Militant Negro™

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Posted 30 min 51 sec ago by The Decider for Global Grind Staff


Pittsburgh and New York City police are searching for 19-year-old Stevie Bates, an Occupy Wall Street protester who has gone missing after traveling cross country with OWS friends while heading to an Occupy event.


Stevie was last heard from when she stopped at a layover in Pittsburgh on April 27th on her way home to New York and she hasn’t been seen since.


Stevie was last seen boarding the bus in Pittsburgh bound for arrival in NY on April 27. Her mother Vivian last spoke to her on the phone when she was at the Greyhound station in Pittsburgh at 7:52 pm. She told her mother that when she got back she would be staying with…

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