Archive | May 15, 2012

Blame it on the rain

A thousand pardons for the Milli Vanilli reference.  Given the weather yesterday (and this morning, so far), it seemed pretty appropriate; it poured so hard both of the last two nights that Mr. man and I both awoke a little after 3 a.m.  He was able to go back to sleep on both occasions, but I was not, which left me doing a sort of overall lip-synch through the day yesterday (and likely will today, unless I can sneak in a nap somewhere).  The tiny people were all a little testy as well, which I attribute to a phenomenon (common to all members of our family, human and canine) an old friend of mine calls “barometer head.”  When a low pressure system is moving in, we all feel like there’s insufficient space in our cranial cavities for our brains.

Given all the excitement of the past four days, a “stay day” was actually a blessing. The house is even more of a train wreck than usual, which is particularly unfortunate because several members of our extended family, including our beloved Zizi Carmela and Baby Guy’s godfather, will be in town this weekend; Bugaboo has a birthday party coming up Saturday morning, and there’s still a cake to plan and a largish flurry of other arrangements to be made and little tasks to be completed for that, as well.

Even with the list of chores growing by the moment, we still found time to enjoy the pleasure of a day in which we had no obligations outside our own front door.  Bugaboo drew part of our neighborhood and the rain, then she and Beanie raided the bookshelves for books that referenced rain and mud.  There were quite a few of their favorite Tinkerbell stories in the pile, but I was pleased to note that the first book Bugaboo found was an Arch Book, the one about Jesus calming the storm.

We found time, amongst the stories and the Monday bread-baking, to make a big batch of “cloud dough” as well, although after a quick experiment with Mr. Man and said dough, we opted to give him a couple of canisters of Play-Doh instead.  What better craft project for a rainy day than something called cloud dough!

There’s a particular kind of joy in spending a quiet day with the tribe, even if it’s a little discombobulated by the weather and disrupted sleep schedules.   If I keep my eyes open, those are the days when I catch the little things, like Baby Guy cruising for the first time.  It was only two steps, but it’s a start.

Now, if I can just convince his siblings to quit leaving sippy cups in random places around the house . . .

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You send the clouds and the rain, but You promise to be with us no matter how dreadful the storm may seem. Please help us teach Your blessings that people and things may leave them, but You never will.  Thank You for days that give us ample opportunities to show Your blessings how to converse with You, to offer You praise and ask You for aid, and for rainy days that make Your blessings snuggly and appreciative of chocolate milk.