Archive | May 4, 2012

Penny a pitch

The song reference link will be at the end of the post; it’s a fun one I used to sing with my Pop-Pop, and a great one to belt out with little kids.

Yesterday was somewhat of a grumpy day, partly owing to a minor case of sleep deprivation.  We had a thunderstorm roll through before dawn on Thursday, with the sort of thunderclaps that shake the house and rattle the nerves of sleeping children and energetic puppies.  That said, a theme for the day seemed to materialize pretty early on, and I chuckled several times during the day figuring out how each new chapter of our Thursday for the theme.

Beginning with the waves of thunder, the word of the day was “rolling.”  Not long after the racket from the storm rolled everyone out of his or her respective bed, I found myself chasing eggs across the stove, since they were rolling all over the place; once the eggs had been secured (and cracked into a pan), I retrieved a box of strawberries from the fridge and, thanks to hands suffering from too much coffee and not enough sleep, quickly found the little red fruits also enjoy a nice roll on the cooktop, albeit in circles.

Bugaboo and Beanie were delighted with Mommy’s morning culinary antics; Beanie giggled so hard that she lost her grip on her cup (there’s a reason I still let them use sippy cups) which rolled around the kitchen table in a manner quite similar to that of an errant berry.  Once breakfast had been caught and consumed, I scattered the tribe with a reminder that if they weren’t dressed and presentable by a certain time, we would miss playgroup, and the admonition, “Come on, let’s roll, gang!”

Moments later, I heard Bugaboo and Beanie squealing and laughing in their room, and went to investigate the cause of the merriment.  As it happened, they were taking turns climbing on top of each other and, yes, rolling the top girl onto the bottom.  Headfirst, as it happened.  While heads did not roll, I did remind them that we had a time constraint.  Clothes were quickly selected and donned, and the girls bounded back into the living room, where they discovered that, if turned on its side at exactly the proper angle, Bo’s food dish will, in fact, roll across a hardwood floor.

I could keep going, but because of my own time constraints, I’ll list out the rolling thunder of our day:  Baby Guy’s bottle, several more sippy cups, the wheels of the van (which also go round and round, don’t you know), giant playballs, little playballs, Baby Guy and his two baby buddies at playgroup, Ritz crackers turned on their side, rocks, dewdrops on long flower stems, plates, drums, rocks on a slide, sand poured down a slide, crayons, markers, marker caps, soup bowls, ditalini pasta, children and Mommy with laughter, Mr. Man on (and off) a couch, Bugaboo on (and off) Beanie, Beanie on (and off) Bugaboo, Mr. and Beanie on (and off) Smudgie, dumptrucks, cars, trains, R’s off the tongue (to Baby Guy’s nearly infinite amusement), This Old Man, Ten in the Bed, and bowling balls (my mommy playdate with a couple of friends last night — as I put it to them, I kind of needed to throw things).

As I was headed bedward last night, I was thinking about all the rolling, literal and figurative, that had filled our day, and wondering to myself how I could relate it back to Christ.  It had been a day that started badly and ended happily, all because of some rolling — oh, wait, that’s an easy one.  Twice in the New Testament, the rolling of stones was the cause of great rejoicing, once when Christ raised Lazarus, once when the women went to Jesus’s tomb and found the stone had been rolled away, and the tomb was empty.

Here’s the song reference for you.  Smile.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You send the thunder along with the sunshine.  On morning when I’d rather crawl back into bed and peremptorily send Your blessings back to theirs, please remind me that there is no day without joy unless I choose to live wretchedly.  Please help me teach Your blessings that there are reminders of You everywhere we look, and the more we focus on finding those tokens, the less time we will have to spend complaining that our will isn’t being done.  Christ Himself taught us to pray “THY will be done,” and I am studying that prayer with your blessings now; please kindle in my heart the desire to live that prayer with every moment, instead of sometimes just saying it.