Raised voices

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Music is a big part of our lives; there’s usually a CD going in the kitchen, and if the TV is on, there’s a decent chance that it’s tuned to one of the Music Choice stations.  Worship songs, kids’ tunes, blues, jazz, 80’s pop, hair bands, Motown, beach music, classical, opera, big band, and occasionally some early rap or old country songs form an eclectic soundtrack for our days.

Usually, someone is singing.  Last night, we all were, though not necessarily at the same time, and I had the good fortune to capture some of it on video.  Beanie belted out “Jesus Loves Me,” although it took two tries to get that on video, while Bugaboo warbled, “Do, Lord.”  Even Baby Guy got into the act while I was singing the nightly lullabies in a vain attempt to calm the tribe before they went to bed and I went to run a couple of errands.  I regret to report that I was unable to record Mr. Man’s version of “ABC.”

We did notice, during our impromptu evening concert that featured such golden hits as, “The Billboard Song,” “Down by the Station,” and “The Battle of New Orleans,” Beanie and Bugaboo need a little practice with listening respectfully to each other.  I had noticed that each tended to interrupt the other’s hearing her instructions while doing schoolwork, but chalked that up more to poor lesson sequencing on my part. Luckily, that’s an easy one to remedy, and we can probably make up a song about it as we go.  Come to think of it, all four of the tiny people’s response to music is such that I should probably try raising my voice in song instead of a shout when I need to redirect them.  It’s worth a try, and will certainly be easier on my throat.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, it was said by Your servant Augustine that when we sing, we pray twice.  Thank You for voices we can lift in song and prayer, and for the ability to make our song understood.  Your blessings understand that the angels sing Your praises, as song is mentioned over a thousand times in Your love letters to us.  Please help us remember that music can lift our souls and strengthen us, can bring us closer to You, and help us learn faith along with history, letters, and numbers, but that we can also pollute the minds You have given us by taking pleasure from music that sullies the dignity of Your children.  Help us choose our songs wisely and lovingly.


6 thoughts on “Raised voices

  1. thats my favorite quote I think. The girls think I sing best only in the shower, but I’ll belt a good song out just about anywhere including the car (which gets me some strange looks sometimes) I just discovered the joys of Karaoke with my best friend too! Will have to wait till tonight to check out the video links! Love ya!

  2. Thank you so much for reblogging my story! I am humbled and wowed that anyone would reblog something from my blog. You’ve made my day! 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your music post. And, in fact, was just on this topic (in my mind) today. My children often request different genre of music. But, I’m concerned with the “pollute the minds” part. I don’t ever want to be so strict they run for the hills at their first chance to bust out of home. I also don’t want to push my rigid convictions on them. Yet, I want their music choices to be those that would bring glory to God and not defile their minds (or mine!). Parenting is certainly not the easiest job!!

    • The “pollute the minds” part is a big deal around here, whether it’s music, books, or video entertainment. Since the oldest of our four children will turn five in May, it’s pretty easy to filter it out based on an age appropriateness criterion, but we’re laying the foundations now for their understanding that Christ called us to treat each other lovingly and respectfully, and that there are certain words, actions, and attitudes that are terribly unkind, even hateful. That way, when they DO hear or see “pollution,” they’ll recognize it for what it is — but they’ll also be able to reflect upon it and say, “this may say X, but Christ calls us to do Y, and I love Jesus more than Pop Culture Hero.” It’s going to be tough, but worth it.

  3. I so agree with you on this one! The home is a sanctuary of peace where we all live by certain standards of honour and dignity and this has to be reflected in our choice of music, books and dvds. We too strongly believe that we do not become the playthings of the foolish and ignorant by what we entertain ourselves with. Thank you for this beautiful post and I love that you are preserving all that is precious in your family life! Sharon

    • That’s our goal! We watch and read some things that are simply silly from time to time, but always through the lens of “this is silly, not real,” and definitely with an eye to what is appropriate for our children’s ages. If a piece of “entertainment” glorifies speaking rudely to parents, mistreating people because of their phenotypes, or abusing God’s gifts, it’s not age appropriate and hence not allowed. Thanks for reading! Kelly

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