Archive | April 13, 2012


There are days when, for no particular reason, I’m just tired.  This is one of them.

We met some friends at the park this morning to take advantage of the playground and the bright, sunny day; the tribe had a blast until some bigger kids showed up, and, since I could not keep a line of sight to make sure none of my little blessings had strayed, it was time for us to head for home.

By now, I should know that there are two absolutes that pertain to Mr. Man and Baby Guy.  The first absolute is that if they fall asleep in the van, they will absolutely refuse to nap.  The second absolute is that if I go through a drive-through window to pick up anything at all, both boys will fall asleep.  While I generally remember the first absolute, I’ve been known to forget the second.  Such was the case on the way home from the park, and as I pulled away from a local burger joint, I peeked over my shoulder to see Mr. Man dozing, thumb in mouth, blankie clutched to cheek.  As I simultaneously smiled and rolled my eyes, Bugaboo helpfully offered, “Mommy, Baby Guy is asleep! He’s SOOOOO CUUUUTE!”

Beanie is generally my go-to gal in these situations, as she is possessed of a set of pipes that I believe could raise the Egyptian Pharaohs. I gave her my official permission to awaken her brothers, but even her most full-throated efforts failed to rouse them.  They did not stir until I opened the van doors, at which point both boys were quite vocal about their displeasure with having their sweet dreams interrupted.  Mr. Man, however, calmed pretty quickly when he realized the aroma of fries was wafting through the van, and nearly broke his silly neck running down the front steps, crowing, “Inside, upstaiws, chaiw, den fwies!”

Baby Guy, at least, finished his nap when we got home.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, keep me mindful that Your little blessings need rest when they are tired, and that even if lunch has to be hastily scrounged from the cupboards, it’s better to have an eclectic meal than exhausted children.  Perhaps You are trying to remind me through their tiredness that I must be vigilant in teaching them to be good stewards of the healthy bodies with which You have blessed them.  Thank You for the abundance of food we have in our house; please help me bear in mind that not everyone is so blessed, and that I could find wiser ways to spend time and resources than the drive-through window at Hardee’s.