Archive | April 9, 2012


I was attempting to restore order to the kitchen this morning, after the accumulated mayhem of Mr. Man’s birthday and Easter, which is probably how I managed to miss Beanie’s pad-footed entrance. When I first saw her, tousle-headed and blinky, she seemed a little sad – certainly not her usual exuberant self. Concerned that she might be suffering the aftereffects of chocolate overload, I asked her if she was feeling okay.

Glumly, she replied, “No. I’m sad.”

“What’s wrong, sweetness? Why is my teeny Beanie sad?

“Mommy, you forgot to give me hugs and kisses.”

I swept her out of her chair in a great spinning hug, and covered her little face with kisses until she giggled at me to put her down.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your blessings, and for the family who shower them with sweets and toys and love.  Please keep me mindful that showing love to them is my greatest prayer of thanksgiving to You.  You asked that the little children be brought to You; by Your example, let me learn that reorganizing the pantry can wait a few minutes.  Please don’t let the importance of finding places for all the stuff take precedence over the joy of thanking You for Your most precious gifts by greeting them lovingly. They are so much better than candy, and usually sweeter, too.