Archive | April 7, 2012

Two tired

Yesterday was Good Friday, and also happened to be Mr. Man’s second birthday.  Grandma arrived yesterday morning to help celebrate both his birthday and Easter, and Grandpa came down for a few hours this afternoon; tomorrow is, of course, Easter, and will also bring a third day of festivities for our oldest son’s natal anniversary, this time with Nonno and Deedaw (and Grandma, who delighted us all by deciding to stay the weekend). There is more to this post, including a repeat request for assistance, after this gallery:

Between the family religious observances, gifts from his parents, siblings, Grandma, Grandpa and Nana, a party at the Rodent Redoubt with all his little hooligan friends yesterday, a couple of romps in the yard, and a serious nap deficit for two days running, Mr. Man was absolutely done by 6:20 tonight.  I tucked him into his bed with his blankies, and after about thirty seconds of halfhearted protest, there was silence from the boys’ room.   Baby Guy was so worn out that he went to sleep at 6:00.

About an hour later, my husband and I heard screaming and sobbing over the baby monitor.  Both boys had awakened at the time when they would normally be headed bedward, and neither was even remotely happy.  My husband and I sprinted down the stairs to make sure our nightmare (Mr. Man figuring out how to get out of his crib and into Baby Guy’s) had not come true; it hadn’t, so he scooped up the little fellow and headed upstairs to make him a little bottle while I cuddled the big guy and rocked him on the ottoman for a while.

It’s been over a year since Mr. Man fell asleep in anyone’s arms; he’s always been a very sound sleeper.  Tonight, however, he snuggled close to my heart like he used to do, wrapped his arm around his blankie, stuck his thumb in his mouth, and stared up at me until his eyelids fluttered shut.  I was so lost in that moment, I didn’t even realize my husband had come back into the room and was feeding Baby Guy in the big rocking chair.

The entire tribe is asleep now, ready to greet the risen Christ in the morning — and, of course, to eat too many sweets, a privilege they are only accorded on Christmas, Easter, and their birthdays.  I’m still seeing those deep brown eyes, with their improbably long lashes, staring into mine, and hoping that in some way, I’ll always be able to calm him when the world is just a little too much to handle.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, tomorrow we celebrate Your Resurrection, the day on which You broke the kingdom of death and freed us from fear.  Thank You for a family with a lively and joyful faith in You, who greet You as our most trusted and beloved friend.

Lord, Your servant Chad and his family are fearful tonight; their foster daughter, Samantha Starr, has still not returned home.  The family is also grieving the death of Chad’s grandmother.  Please, Lord, move the hearts of those who read this post to offer prayers for Chad and his family, move their typing fingers to repost the link to the article about her, and sharpen the eyes of those who are seeking to return Sam to a family who loves her.