Archive | April 5, 2012

Happy and healthy

Life is happening at a slightly more frantic pace than usual today, so this post will be brief. Mr. Man and Baby Guy both had well-baby checkups today, which entailed wrangling four tiny people in the office of the best pediatrician I’ve ever known.

Both boys are robustly healthy, and all four kids showed off for Doc, as they usually do. Doc spent most of the half-hour of our visit laughing with us as Baby Guy demonstrated his iron grip, Mr. Man displayed his speed and dexterity, Bugaboo sang the theme from “Spider-Man,” and Beanie read “The Foot Book.”  Even though only two of our tribe were officially patients today, I was grateful for the attention he gave to each child, and grateful that our little blessings stayed quiet while their doctor and I talked over their development and a few minor questions I had for him.

There is a special request after today’s prayer.  An online acquaintance of mine’s foster daughter has gone missing.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your blessings, who are healthy, happy, good-humored, and kind-hearted.  Help me teach them to give thanks to You with every breath for your boundless and unmerited gifts.  Please keep us mindful that we are to be kind and helpful always to those whom You have blessed differently, and to remember that no life You have created is without value.

Lord, thank You also for the sure knowledge that Your blessings are snug in their beds.  Please bring Samantha Starr home safely, and comfort her foster parents in their sadness and fear.  Please move the hearts of those who read this to share her picture with their friends, churches, and social groups.  On the night when we remember Your lonely prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, help us to keep watch and pray with those who hold this child dear.