Shelving it

I recently decided that since our kitchen is very possibly the most-used room in our house, it does, in fact, need a bit of an overhaul (thanks again, Joan).  Since it serves as our classroom, arts and crafts area, bill-paying area, game-playing area, and our (obviously) cooking and eating area, I’m trying to get it organized so that the supplies for each of those things are in a separate place.  That way, I don’t have to worry about soup landing in the marker bin, or Mr. Man hurling his rice into the sheaf of construction paper.

Phase one of this minor remodel happened today; we purchased a small bookcase over the weekend, and I put it together this afternoon.  Getting the puzzles and other assorted stuff off the rolling cart in the corner proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I originally anticipated; unbeknownst to me, Bugaboo and Beanie had been stashing little “treasures” behind it, so the yowls of protest from my daughters were of sufficient volume to rouse Mr. Man and Baby Guy from their naps (I had hoped to do most of the construction, except hammering in the back, while they were sleeping).

There I was, in a rather tight corner, trying to wrangle locking cams, anchor bolts, screws, particle board, a big piece of heavy-duty cardboard, and twenty fiddly little nails (by the way, meat mallets make great hammers when you don’t want to take the time to find the toolbox), with Bugaboo, Beanie, and Mr. Man all trying their hoveringly hardest to be helpful and Baby Guy wailing for snuggles in the living room.  I finally told the three onlookers – rather sharply – that the best help they could give me was to go play with their youngest brother.

Thankfully, they decided that was a terrific idea. While I cringed a little bit at the sound of the living room toy bin being merrily upended, I was grateful that I didn’t have to watch for tiny helpful fingers in addition to my own while hammering the back onto the bookshelf.  It came together rather nicely, at any rate, but there won’t be any pictures until I get a little more done in the kitchen.  It is even more of a train wreck than usual at the moment, but at least the kids’ school books, coloring books, flash cards, abacus, and construction paper now have a happy and organized home.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your blessings, who are so eager to help that You make me exercise my creativity finding ways for them to render the assistance they desperately long to give.  Thank You for their willingness to bring comfort and joy to their youngest sibling, and thank You for the delight Baby Guy takes in the companionship of his brother and sisters.  Thank You for blessing me with nimble hands and a strong back and arms, for eyes that can read a blueprint, for an ear that can hear a baby’s cry and the laughter of the entire tribe.  Thank You for the abundance of intellectual gifts with which You have blessed our family.  Please help us to always dedicate those gifts to Your service, and to share all that You have given with those who You blessed differently.


2 thoughts on “Shelving it

  1. My other half rarely accepts help which we would be happy to give him. Unfortunately the 3 social butterflys (me and the girls) would spend so much time asking questions and conversing that the project would be darn near impossible to get done. Lol

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