Rock on

Mr. Man, of late, has picked up a habit of bringing me rocks from our back yard and presenting them to me with a smile brimful of pride and joy.  I hug him, and kiss him (and call him George, which happens to be his name), and thank him for his gifts.  There is a corner on one of our kitchen counters reserved for these treasures, each one of which he helps me lovingly wash in the sink.

It seemed like a good day to concoct a project with some of the enormous population of rocks in our back yard, so before lunch, I sent the kids out with big plastic cups and told them to fill them with rocks.  They happily did so, and brought me two full cups in a trice.  I washed them and spread them out on old newspapers to dry while we ate lunch (peanut butter and jelly is better on homemade bread — just sayin’).

After the boys had gone down for a nap, I cut pieces off of a cardboard box to use for sculpture bases and assembled paints, glue dots, construction paper, and artificial flowers.  The girls decided the first things they wanted to make were rock gardens.  Beanie used paint for hers, and Bugaboo used flowers. It took a few minutes to convince them to use their rocks and flowers to remove the glue dots from their backings, instead of using small fingers; fortunately, I did not have to remove any glue dots from anyone’s hair.

Beanie finished first, at which time I unleashed my paper-cutting skills, which only a preschooler could love.  Little triangles glued on either side of a painted rock became “rock candy.”

I decided to make a “rock guitar.”

We have pieces cut to make a rockfish, a rock lobster, and Peter (as in, “upon this rock I will build My church”).  We’re saving those for when Daddy gets home, as he wants in on this particular craft project.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You have blessed us with a world full of small wonders and nimble minds to appreciate them.  When I teach them to look at things commonly considered insignificant in new ways, I’m hoping to lay the groundwork for teaching them later that each person, each life, each event, has a value and a beauty that may not be apparent at first glance.  Please open my eyes, Lord, to the possibility inherent in each molecule of Your creation, and help me give You thanks for every ordinary thing with which You have graced my life.


10 thoughts on “Rock on

  1. We find rocks in our washing machine from Dee sticking them in her pockets. Maybe it helps to get the stains out.


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