Seeing green, but in a good way

As usual, things did not go according to plan today; also as usual, that turned out to be just fine.  Grandma came down from Baltimore to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us, and by 10:00 a.m., Baby Guy was exhausted from all the excitement.

We decided that the youngest tribesman getting sufficient rest trumped going to the parade, and his siblings agreed.  By mutual agreement, we had lunch here, tucked Mr. Man in for his nap, and settled in to watch the girls’ favorite Saturday shows.  Later, we decided to celebrate the warm sunshine by playing at the park.

The life of St. Patrick have been read, prayers for those caught up in human trafficking have been prayed, corned beef, cabbage, and good Irish cheddar have been eaten.  Grandma is staying the night tonight, and Nonno is home from the hospital.  We’ve had no trouble identifying our blessings today!

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for watching over Grandma’s travels and for Nonno’s return to his own bed for recuperation.  You have blessed us with bounty, good health, and freedom.  Neither we nor our children have ever known what it means to be enslaved.  Please help us teach Your blessings that freedom comes from You, and the truest kind of freedom is found in You.


21 thoughts on “Seeing green, but in a good way

  1. I know it’s about spending quality time with your children, but your house? Seriously needs a good scrubbing. The quality time would be a lot more enjoyable for all of you, were you not living in squalor.

    • Thanks for your input! You know, some days it’s hard to decide where to start. Was there a particularly squalid area where you would suggest I begin? I would have asked you directly, but WordPress is acting up, and I’m not able to access your profile to contact you.

      Thanks again!

      • 20 years from now.. you know as well as the rest of us, Kelly, that your chidren arent going to care or even remember what the house looked like, but appreciate the fact that they were surrounded by love and had a roof over their heads. Besides that, its not as though you have week old cups of milk and McDonald’s wrappers all over the floor and 749394 cats like you would see on Cops. everything has a place and even then, thats not what matters.

    • Seriously? You look at these pictures and read this blog and that is what you have to say about it? I feel very sorry for you. When I read this blog and see the pictures I see a loving family spending quality time together. A family that loves and respects one another. A family trying to make a difference in this world by living by God’s Word. A family trying to share their joy and happiness with others. I read this blog and am inspired to do more with my children and can only hope to be half the mom that she is.

  2. kelly i love your daily mom prayers! i dont always read them, but each time i do they bless me 🙂 also ill take the low road (and you can delete my comment i wont be offended ;), but if someone read your post and the most they got from it was that your house is messy- theyve completely missed the point and should shut up. that is all. 😉

  3. Your house is messy? Love you Kelly and I didn’t pay attention because to tell you the truth, you have the most loved, most well adjusted family I know and it is a blessing to see the priorities in your life!

  4. World English Dictionary
    squalor (ˈskwɒlə)

    — n
    the condition or quality of being squalid; disgusting dirt and filth

    Kelly: I would start with the kitchen especially the sink and work your way out. You will feel so much better, all of you will, once it’s cleaned up.

    • Thanks, Joan! The one side of our sink was actually full of clean dishes, but your point is still well-taken; such things should be put away. Were there any other particularly dirty areas you noticed?

      Thanks again for taking the time to offer your advice.

  5. Oh, goodness. Where to start. You know how that saying goes … cleanliness is next to Godliness? I don’t think you really need me to point out specific areas.

  6. I do know the saying 🙂 I didn’t mean to impose; it’s just that sometimes a fresh pair of eyes may see something that I’ve looked past so many times that I don’t realize it’s there, and was hoping you might be able to point it out to me. Thank you again for taking the time to give me your opinion and advice.

  7. No imposition. I feel like you may be being a little passive-aggressive, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your questions are sincere. The clutter? Is bad. Very, very bad. Do you really need all that stuff? The bathroom floor and that rug? Very, very bad.

    • Thank you for the benefit of the doubt, as the questions are sincere. With four kids and a husband, I don’t generally take the time to engage in nastiness; time is too short. If someone who is more organized than I am is willing to take the time to offer me guidance, I tend to seize the opportunity.

      As far as the clutter goes, there certainly is a lot of it! Our kitchen doubles as our children’s classroom, so we have the cooking supplies and school supplies all together. I’m working on figuring out if there is some sort of storage furniture that will fit in the space for the kids’ school things, because it does get a little irritating to have a stack of books collapse on my foot when I’m trying to get the meat slicer out of the lower cupboard.

      The bathroom rug definitely needs to be replaced; it’s eight years old, and after eight years of weekly washings, has probably outlived its usefulness and cleanability. I appreciate the reminder; actually, I took a break from typing this to add it to my Target list. There’s not much I can do about the brown spot next to the tub (I’m guessing that’s what you saw); back in the days when I used to color my hair, I managed to knock half a mixed bottle of hair dye off the edge of the tub. That big brown patch is the result, unfortunately. I’m hoping to replace the floor in there in the next year or two — partly because I’m heartily sick of looking at that stain.

      The kitchen clutter, though (and please excuse my thinking out loud here), might actually be a good project for my two oldest kids. Unfortunately, I actually do need the overwhelming majority of the stuff that’s in there, but it’s possible we could reconfigure the family room to accommodate many of the books and other school materials, and let the girls bring up their work for that day in their backpacks, which would be tremendous fun for them.

      Thanks for responding, again — you’ve been very generous with your time and advice. When you used the word “squalor,” I was terrified that there was some nasty, filthy thing that I had managed to miss, which is why I kept asking. Clutter is definitely a part of our lives; there are six of us, plus two dogs, in just under 2000 square feet, but I try to at least keep the clutter clean; additionally, discussing it with you gave me an idea for how to ameliorate some of the worst of it in the kitchen (which, for some reason, is where everything seems to accumulate).

      You’ve been more helpful than you may realize, and I appreciate it. Thank you again.

  8. Joan, you must be a very blessed woman. You have time to nitpick over a blog that has nothing to do with how ridiculously clean a house should be. Out of morbid curiosity, why does this bother you so much? I find it interesting that you would hone in on something so trivial.

  9. OMG, Seriously does this woman have nothing better to do with her time but criticize? I am biting my tongue here because I want to keep it civil and clean. Perhaps she should walk a mile in your shoes (or mine for that matter -she’d have heart failure if she saw my magnificent mess!) before she offers a critique. This is not 1952 its 2012, and those of us with busy lives whether working or homeschooling or whatever would like to spend some quality time relaxing with our families as opposed to on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor. You, my dear friend are a shining example of graciousness and courtesy and are handling this much better than I ever could. My prayer for the day Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth! and jsyk: you have NOTHING to apologize for – you have a lovely, well adjusted LOVING family and that’s what is most important. Oh heck Im just gonna get your digits and call you….

  10. Joan, I read a great article today and am going to pass it onto the folks here. It is from Sophos Security and it says “Please don’t feed the Troll!” Maybe you should troll elsewhere because the people here are more worried about “life and love.” Take your OCD-self and troll elsewhere. This blog is about character of which you have none.

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