Rocking chairs, rocking babies

It’s been a rough week around here; my husband and I have been rather edgy about Nonno’s surgery (he’s doing very well, and we’d like to thank everyone who prayed and inquired), which has led to both of us being a bit short with everyone.  While he and I have found comfort in time spent with friends, I had an object lesson today in how much our stress had affected the tribe.

At playgroup today, Bugaboo, Beanie, and Mr. Man immediately scattered to play with their friends, while Baby Guy was delighted to hang out on the blanket we spread out for the crawling contingent.  The little fellow had quite the parade of little visitors; he’s a very cheerful baby who smiles and laughs at just about everything, and the toddlers in our playgroup absolutely love him.  His laughter has been a little scarce over the last couple of days, and watching him giggle and smile at the antics of the other tiny people lightened my heart considerably; I hadn’t realized how much I had missed the frequency of his chuckling.  Mr. Man was his usual active and curious self, checking out toys, doors, and other kids’ snacks, wandering back to me periodically for hugs or his blankie.

After one of Mr. Man’s check-ins, I did my periodic head count, and saw Bugaboo and Beanie piled up in a corner with two of their friends.  The four of them were occupying the rocking chair that serves as a quiet spot for moms who have babies in need of feeding or soothing; they seemed to be talking quietly, and all of them were smiling.  No furrows marked my daughters’ brows, and there was no trepidation in their eyes.  My heart gladdened at the sight of them relaxing and enjoying the company of friends.  It’s too easy, sometimes, to think about all the physical needs for which we provide, all the hugs and kisses and stories, and overlook the fact that they need time with their friends just as much as we do.  I think some revisions to our weekly schedule are definitely in order.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You reminded me today that You have provided abundantly for our every need, including our need for loving friends.  Please help me remember that Your blessings have the same need for the companionship of their friends as their parents, and that being with their friends helps them rejoice and be glad in the days You have made.  Raise my eyes from the piles of laundry and dishes and help me see that their needs, like mine, go beyond the physical.  Thank You for the companionship they find with each other, for the love that fills our home, and for the faithful friends with whom You have blessed them and us.


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