Tot lot

Yesterday, we had to run to Target to restock our supply of Baby Guy’s formula.  Since it was approaching the tribe’s dinner time when we finished that errand, I decided to make a pit stop at Sonic to avoid what would have become a very grouchy cluster of three tiny people around the stove, keeping up a steady patter of inquiries regarding the readiness of food. I’ve never enjoyed being pecked to death by ducks, and Sonic’s wonderful for Lenten Fridays, since one of their kid’s meal offerings is a grilled cheese sandwich.

Bugaboo, Beanie, and Mr. Man are all big fans of Sonic’s grilled cheese sandwiches, but what they really go for is the tater tots (I go for the cherry limeades, myself).  Thus, three of the relevant meals were procured, and home we went to savor a relatively rare treat.

I had a good laugh when I saw that the current Sonic kid’s meal premium is a package of trading cards.  Most of the Sonic prizes are tater tot-themed, and these were no exception.  Luckily, I have a passel of Justice League aficionados.

Bugaboo was delighted by this, and promptly set about organizing all three sets of cards so she could see if, among herself and her siblings, there was a full set.  Since I can’t figure out where she put them, I cannot say whether she managed to find every single card.

If you read last night’s post, you’ll know that later that day, Bugaboo made the sad discovery that her first pet fish, Blue, had swum off this mortal coil.  Daddy offered to take her and Beanie to secure a replacement betta, and she gratefully accepted.  The new piscine pet is named Tot, and Bugaboo has informed me that his middle name is Red.

Bugaboo apparently found some paper and markers in the back of Daddy’s car on the way back from PetSmart last night, and she decided to make him a backdrop for his new tank.  She used plenty of red and orange to draw things she thought he might like, and since he is a red fish, she figured it would keep him from feeling lonely.  Here are a couple of pictures of Tot’s introduction to his new home (she couldn’t put him in his tank until this morning because we had to dechlorinate the water and set up the tank).  I hope it makes you smile.

Mr. Man wanted to check out the new arrival, too.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You made all the creatures of the earth, air and sea.  Help me teach Your blessings to treat them all with respect, whether they are companions to be loved, wild creatures to be admired, or livestock to be eaten.  Thank You for the tenderness with which they treat their pets, and the awe with which they view the incredible diversity of Your creations.  Help us teach them, always, that while You gave mankind dominion over all the birds, beasts, and fishes, those creatures are properly appreciated as proof of Your love for us, Your provision for our need not only for food, but also for beauty.


Please share your thoughts! I don't know who reads this, but the stats tell me someone does. I'd like to know what you took from our little stories and prayers.

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