Shiny shiny

Mr. Man finds all of his sisters’ belongings fascinating.  Since they are two and three years older than he is, they have toys with more small parts and switches than his, and since they are both mad for fairies and My Little Ponies, many of their things have the added attraction of being shiny.  Baby Guy is just now beginning to discover the allure of the big girls’ things, as we very rarely take him into the girls’ room; however, they’re increasingly likely to bring their playthings out into the living room, which is the mini-dude’s preserve.

Luckily, Bugaboo and Beanie are pretty tolerant of their younger brothers’ desire to share their stuff, although Beanie does get a little huffy when Mr. Man absconds with her Alphie and refuses to return it.  One of the frequent hilarities of our household, though,is Mr. Man’s great love affair with Bugaboo’s shoes.  They are emblazoned with Tinkerbell and her friends, trimmed with shiny metallic stuff, and best of all, they light up.  Mr. Man has light-up sneakers of his own, but they lack both shiny stuff and pretty girls.

He’s also quite taken with Beanie’s Hello Kitty lunchbox (which came filled with Hello Kitty Pez dispensers); being made of metal, it not only has a shiny inside, but it also makes a terrific noise when he bangs it against pretty much anything.

When he wandered into the kitchen this morning, wearing Bugaboo’s shoes and toting Beanie’s lunchbox, I started to tell him that he needed to return those things that did not belong to him.  Bugaboo cut me off, assuring me, “It’s okay, Mommy.  He’s just a little dude, and he can play with our things while we’re doing our schoolwork.  Right, Beanie?”  She looked at her younger sister, who is definitely the less tolerant of the two when it comes to this whole sharing business, but Beanie backed her sister with a cheery, “Yep!” before she resumed coloring her picture of Christ carrying the cross from her coloring book about Lent.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You taught that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Thank You for leaving Your love letter to us, to show them that our possessions are worthless if we hoard them and hide them away so that others may not use or share them.  Thank You for the loving hearts of Your blessings, who share what they have with each other and their friends — sometimes more willingly than their parents do. Thank You for helping them understand that people are more precious than things, and that family is Your most precious gift.


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