Breakfast for dinner, stories for dessert

We are all suffering through Baby Guy’s first real illness; I’m just grateful that it took him 8 months to get it.  While we initially thought he and Mr. Man were afflicted by the richness of the soup, the fevers they developed indicate that something else is at work here.  Mr. Man has an iron constitution, which always surprises me because he is such a little string bean, so he shook it off in just under 24 hours.  Baby Guy, however, is still wretchedly running out of both ends.  The laundry relay continues, unabated.

Since Baby Guy has enough baby sense to sleep through it when he’s sick (oh, what a blessing that is), after schoolwork was completed this morning, I let Mr. Man, Beanie, and Bugaboo run amok in the backyard for several hours this afternoon.  When I called out the kitchen window to inquire about their dinner preferences, Beanie cheerfully hollered back, “Scrambled eggies!”  Breakfast for dinner it was, and a happy bunch tucked into scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and applesauce.

Happy Beanie!

Mommy’s home fries rival Big Yellow M in popularity.

Mr. Man’s skill level with a spoon is now such that most of the applesauce makes it into him, instead of onto him.

After a couple more hours of finding new and interesting ways to get themselves completely filthy, the trio came in for a much-needed bath, molasses cookies, and big cups of milk.  I finished cleaning up poor Baby Guy’s last exhausted offering to the “Mommy and Daddy need to go buy a new living room rug” spirits, and then Daddy and I snuggled up with tiny people for what proved to be a 90 minute storytime.  They were all up past their bedtimes, but we were all enjoying ourselves so much that my husband and I didn’t want to pack them off to their beds until Mr. Man finally started crying from fatigue.  It was a pretty wide-ranging storytime tonight; we read some Clifford, some My Little Pony, some Disney fairies, some Little Misses, some Wind in the Willows, and some simple basic words books.  After the mayhem caused by two vomiting boys last night, we truly delighted in the peace we found with our cuddly children and their boundless love of books.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for the peace and joy that comes from sunny days and children’s stories.  Thank You for providing us with everything we need to take care of a sick baby, and for his kindhearted siblings who visited him whenever he was awake, patting his hair, blowing him kisses, or whispering their love for him.  Thank You for the friend who called to see if I needed an extra pair of hands, and for a devoted husband who checked in half a dozen times to make sure his job as Daddy didn’t need to take precedence over the one that pays the bills.  Please keep me mindful that even the icky tasks of motherhood are gifts from You; I have four living children who make messes, while many families wait anxiously for even one child to create a joyful clutter.


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