No business like snow business

Note:  There is a video link to the girls having fun in the snow.  Please click it — they’re in rare form.  I’d love to embed the video player widget, but don’t want to invest $59 in it right now!

We had a rare March snow today; it started around 8:00 a.m., was done by 2:00 p.m., and had melted away by 4:00.  However, since it started at 8:00, getting Bugaboo and Beanie to focus on their lessons this morning was a near impossibility. Our classroom is the kitchen table, near a great big window that offers a full view of our back yard.  Their distraction was quite understandable; after all, when you see this every time you look up

what snow-loving child or adult wants to do this?

Or this?

We had an early lunch today, since both Mr. Man and Baby Guy slept poorly last night, and once I was sure the boys were asleep, I sent the girls off with strict instructions regarding appropriate snow attire.  They were advised that they were required to have sweatshirts, jeans, socks, and boots.

Bugaboo got it right.  I did not specify that the boots had to match, or even belong to the wearer.  Lesson learned.

I also did not specify that hoodies should not be worn backwards.  However, I had quite the debate with Beanie over whether pants were an absolute necessity.  It actually took me about five minutes to convince her they were.

Finally, both girls were appropriately attired and zipped into their coats.  They headed out into the yard, Smudgie in tow, to salvage what they could of the rapidly-melting snow.

I was baking bread (my favorite snowy day pastime) at the time, so please excuse the “screen shot.”

Since the girls had “forgotten” to put on their mittens, I had to bring them in after about half an hour.  However, I did manage to secure this video of the end of their playtime, including the results of Beanie’s backwards tumble off the swing into the giant mud puddle she’s created underneath it.  They quickly remembered that there are perks to coming in from the snow, among which are mugs of hot chocolate to be consumed while finishing the morning’s unfinished assignments.

Beanie slurped hers right down, while Bugaboo chose to savor hers, taking a sip after each problem.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for surprises, like snowstorms in March, and the wisdom to recognize them as the opportunities to rejoice they are.  Thank You for the excitement of Your little blessings and our canine companions, all of whom stood with their noses pressed to the kitchen window, marveling at the beauty and majesty that can only come from You.  We are in the season of reflection and repentance, where we call to mind that mud that stains our souls; thank You for the snowy carpet that covered the world today and reminded us that Your grace can make all things clean.  Help me teach Your blessings that if we are too busy to praise You for the small miracles with which You bless our days, we are indeed too busy.


3 thoughts on “No business like snow business

  1. What a fun post! You brought back memories of when I home schooled my kids for preschool. Those were fun times! And we still have hot chocolate after playing in the snow. Yum!


    P.S. I love the boots that don’t match! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lori! We are homeschooling for the long haul, but I am SO grateful for these technically preschool years where we can just work on work habits and how to grip pencils and crayons properly.

      Is it actually possible to play in the snow without having hot chocolate afterwards? What a terrible thought!

      Peace be with you,

  2. Love those days, had one myself on Feb 29th. My teenagers are just as enthusiastic about snow playtime – even though the bigger one went to our local golf course to sled instead of just on the dike behind the house. Wish I could check out your video now but I’m at work – doing this on the dl here lol. Will check it out when I get home tonight And no, you absolutely cannot play in the snow without having hot cocoa afterwards – preferably with some marshmallows or some marshmallow fluff on top! Love ya D.

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