Kermit would have loved it

Today was insanely busy, and it’s not finished yet, but I did want to share a quick “hand of God” moment from today.  Beanie’s daily devotional today had to do with Noah and the flood, and the Lord’s promise to never flood the earth again.

After a whirlwind of activity this morning and early afternoon, I managed to load the tribe into the van a little after 3 p.m.  The tribe was somewhat miffed, as the bustle of the morning and the awfulness of the weather had caused me to break my promise to take them to the park.  We had to run to the grocery store to acquire supplies for Grandma’s birthday lunch tomorrow, and a spectacular thunderstorm had just torn through the area, leaving rivers of water and debris in the streets.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen a thunderstorm like that in February before.

When we pulled in to the parking lot of the grocery store, this sight greeted us:

The tiny people were all quite impressed, and Bugaboo, who had been helping comfort her little sister during the torrential rains and pounding thunder, helpfully offered, “See, Beanie?  God promised.”

I’d say it was a good trip.  Gingerbread and groceries and rainbows, oh my!

Today’s prayer:  Lord, we are trying to teach Your blessings that no matter how many promises people may break, Your are eternal, and that You never lie.  Thank You for sending the rain and Your rainbow on a day when I had to break one of my promises, so they would see that You never will.  Help me be careful in making those, Lord.  I want them to see that I follow You.


Please share your thoughts! I don't know who reads this, but the stats tell me someone does. I'd like to know what you took from our little stories and prayers.

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