Salt of the earth

My husband was recently advised by our family doctor to reduce the amount of sodium in his diet.  This has been the topic of much discussion around our house, including many telephone conversations with family and friends.  Consequently, I’ve been able to work a lot of talk about healthy foods into my running narration of grocery shopping and cooking, both of which are subjects of enormous interest to the tiny people.  It’s also given my culinary skills, which are pretty decent, some new directions and avenues for improvisation.  So far, out of over 50 newly-created recipes, I’ve only had one fail; chili oil and sour cream do not play well together.  Just thought you’d like to know.

Since reducing all of our sodium intake seems like a pretty good idea, given the family history of hypertension on both sides, there have been fewer Cheez-Its and regular potato chips and more flavored rice cakes, raisins, and unsalted nuts.  Overall, the tribe has taken this well, and Daddy and I made a command decision that it’s completely okay for the tiny people to have their weekly hot dogs or macaroni and cheese.  “Everything in moderation” is the concept we’re teaching here, and after about a month of this, the kids have more or less caught on.  It’s worth noting that since most of our snacks are now homemade, they get the added bonus of getting to help do more stuff in the kitchen, so that makes the lack of prepackaged goodies much easier to swallow, as it were.

This evening, after we had eaten dinner and the dishes had been washed, Daddy was playing with Baby Guy on the couch, Mr. Man and Beanie were snuggled up playing with Alphie, and Bugaboo was engaged in her favorite pastime of conducting a house-wide tea party.  After every doll, stuffed animal, dog, and child had been presented with a cup of imaginary tea by our oldest child, she ran breathlessly into the living room and thrust a cup into my husband’s one free hand.  She them “poured” him a cup of “tea” from her little plastic pot, and said in her most reassuring voice, “Here, have some tea, Dada.  It has very little sodium.”

Today’s prayer:  Lord, You put us on this earth to love each other and You.  Please help me to be as considerate of other people’s needs as our oldest daughter.


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