Dispensed, fruitily

Beanie is a Pez fanatic. It may be more accurate to say that she is obsessed with putting Pez into one dispenser, taking it out, putting it in another one, taking it out . . . she could keep going all day, given her collection of Pez dispensers, if her notoriously short temper didn’t cause her to wail in rage and frustration every time the Pez don’t go into the dispensers in an orderly fashion. If you have ever loaded a Pez dispenser, you know that getting them loaded without incident can be a challenge for a person with fully developed fine motor skills. For a three-year old, it is nearly impossible. There are times when I do not question whether my hearing impairment is a gift from God.

After all the tiny people had finished their breakfasts this morning, they scattered to different parts of the house to amuse themselves while I cleaned the kitchen floor, a task which must be done daily to avoid having small feet literally glued to the floor.  It’s happened.  There was Jell-O involved.  But I digress.

As I was sweeping, Beanie meandered back into the kitchen, climbed casually back up into her chair, and favored me with her best I’m-so-cute-I-know-you’ll-give-it-to-me smile.  It almost never works, but it does make me chuckle.  We then had the following conversation:

Beanie:  “I want a snack.”
Me:  “Would you like an apple?”
Beanie:  “No, not an apple.”
Me:  “How about a kiwi?”
Beanie:  “No, I would not like a kiwi.”
Me:  “We have some crackers.”
Beanie:  “No, I do NOT want crackers.”
Me:  “Well, apples, kiwis, and crackers are the snack foods we have.  Which one would you like?”
Beanie:  “I don’t want any of those.”
Me:  “No?  Well, what did you have in mind?”
Beanie:  “I want Pez!  May I have some Pez, please?”

I have to admit that I was really pleased with the way she phrased her request.

Me:  “Sweetie, Pez is not a snack.”
Beanie:  “To Pez dispensers it is!”

Okay, I should have seen that coming.  Beanie has, far and away, the best sense of humor of our four.

Me:  “Beanie, I don’t have any Pez with me right now.”
Beanie:  “There is still leftover Pez where you hid it.”
Me:  “Where did I hide Pez?”
Beanie:  “In the pantry.”
Me:  “That is not with me.  Sorry, no Pez at nine o’clock in the morning.”

Having decided this was not a winning strategy, Beanie decided to venture another avenue of attack.

Beanie:  “I do want a kiwi.  I like kiwis.  May I please have a kiwi?”
Me:  “Yes, you certainly may, and thank you for asking so nicely.  I’m not surprised that you’d like to have one.”
Beanie:  “Why aren’t you surprised?”
Me:  “Because you like fruit generally, and you like fuzzy things, too, and a kiwi is a fruit that also happens to be a fuzzy thing.  It’s a very Beanie snack.”
Beanie:  “Do you know what is my faaaaaaaaavorite fruit?  The one that makes me sooooo happy when you give it to me?”
Me:  “No, sweetie — what is it?”
Beanie:  “Strawberry Pez.”

She did eat the kiwi; the Pez were her dessert after dinner tonight.  Strawberry Pez, as it happens.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, sometimes training up a child in the right ways is challenging.  Thank You for little blessings who counter every moment that reminds me to pray for patience with a moment that makes me laugh and thank You for the sheer delightfulness of their existence.  Please help me teach them to treasure every joyful moment, and to store them up against days when joy seems in short supply.


One thought on “Dispensed, fruitily

  1. Love this glimpse into a love-filled home. So many times people focus on the negative moments of life. Your stories are a reminder that the positive moments are out there and while they may be brief they are truly precious.

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