Let me tell you a story

The boys decided to sleep late this morning, so Bugaboo and Beanie had some relative peace for their lessons today. Beanie is working her way through a very cool coloring book called, “Don’t You Wonder About This World,” which is a very sweet and simple appreciation of the wonders of Creation, with a hefty helping of silliness.  She’s finally getting the hang of the correct grip on a writing or coloring implement, which is really the last obstacle to her starting preschool.  Bugaboo has two coloring books from which we draw (so to speak) her assignments; the first, “Coloring Book About Jesus,” is a loving collection of pictures describing all the ways Jesus showed His love for us, and the other one, “God’s Rules For Me,” is a preschooler-friendly introduction to the universality of rules and the ways in which using and following rules keeps people happy and safe.  Each girl has her own box of crayons, and there are days when they try to see who can use more colors in her coloring.  We have had some truly wild-looking beetles, butterflies, and garments as a result.

This morning wasn’t one of those wildly-colored mornings, though.  Friday may not have quite the same implications for little kids as it does for people who work a five-day week, but it seems that every Friday, the kids are all a little subdued, missing Daddy time, and waiting for the weekend to start, when they’ll have both of their parents’ full attention during the day, and probably some grand adventure that requires more than one adult to orchestrate.  Beanie colored her eagle and her beetle, traced her letters and numbers, and then skipped off to play with her Zoobles, clutching the cup of chocolate milk that is her chosen reward for work well done.  Bugaboo’s pictures are a little more complicated than Beanie’s, but when she had finished, she wanted to read her Bible stories for her next assignment (within reason, I let her select the order in which she works on her tasks).

I pulled my chair close to hers, and, although she is more than capable of reading her picture Bible by herself, we both enjoy those few minutes in the morning when it’s just the two of us again, the way it was for the first thirteen months of her life.  I read her the stories, as I have done every single day since she made her appearance in May of 2007.  Now, though, we can talk about what the stories mean, what she thinks about the pictures, and whether she can relate the story to something in her experience.  It’s a lot different from when I would point to things and say, “See, this balloon is green, and this cat is orange.”

Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your blessings, and for giving us the resources to educate them.  Thank you for their quick minds and quick laughs, for their love of books and learning.

Lord, please let me keep story time for a few more years?


Please share your thoughts! I don't know who reads this, but the stats tell me someone does. I'd like to know what you took from our little stories and prayers.

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