Sometimes, the best plaything isn’t a toy

There are few gifts that can rival a 60 degree afternoon in January, and it was delightful to see our three oldest children romping through the yard with the doggies yesterday.  Even after a trip to the toy store to spend gift cards resulted in a plethora of new additions to various toy collections, in their eyes, the best plaything of all was a day warm enough to play with the swings, the teeter-totter, sand, fallen leaves, random stones turned up by the rains, sticks, a big bag of potting soil, and the puppy.  I’m sure the neighbors could hear them laughing (and, occasionally, hollering when the puppy forgot he’s three times their size) for blocks.  They only came in because they were hungry; it took a while to scrub them all reasonably clean after they had eaten.  Amusingly, it’s more enjoyable to wash a ton of outdoor dirt off of them than to scrub them free of glue and glitter.


Today’s prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your wonderful creation, for rocks which all differ in size, shape, and texture, for sticks of differing lengths and weights, for sand and dirt which can be poured, molded, and used to grow things, for dry leaves that crunch and crackle.  Your blessings see the minutest aspects of the world You gave them to explore, and they find wonder in places I had forgotten to look.  Please remind me that a dirty child is one who has been appreciating what You have made above what man has made, and help me encourage them to be that sort of dirty frequently.




One thought on “Sometimes, the best plaything isn’t a toy

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